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Featured Restoration Supplies


A-ONE is an extra heavy duty industrial cleaner for removing smoke and soot from a fire loss. Its concentrated formula contains wetting and emulsifying agents as well as grease and oil dissolving solvents. A-ONE is specially designed to clean hard surfaces and to remove soils such as those resulting from fire and smoke damage, or carbon and soot deposits. It cleans concrete and masonry, brick, tile, and industrial floors of all kinds.

The product is a lavender-tinted, clear liquid with a pleasant clean fragrance; a welcome change from harsh caustics and smelly solvents. Its bleaching action actually brightens surfaces as it cleans tough dirt and stains.  Click here to learn more or order.


Concrobium Mold Control offers mold remediation and prevention in a single solution, making it a versatile antimicrobial for restoration pros. The DIN-registered product can be deployed during the “knock down” phases of restoration projects to control mold spore proliferation, and can be applied on restored surfaces for ongoing mold protection.The odourless solution contains no harmful chemicals and requires no special handling or personal protective equipment. It contains zero VOCs, making it the ideal solution for restoration contractors with customers who are chemically-sensitive.  Click here to learn more or order.


Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant represents the next generation of plant-based disinfection for professional restoration contractors. The unique, proprietary solution is botanically-derived and offers significant advantages over existing botanical solutions on the market. Unlike other products, Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant provides superior cleaning so users don’t have to resort to two separate products for disinfection and cleaning. And contractors and their customers won’t have to contend with the irritating, lingering fumes that are associated with first-generation botanical formulas.  Click here to learn more or order.


Remember the days of scrubbing away at mold stains, trying concoctions of this and that - all to find out that the mold stain didn't budge?  We're glad that those days are over thanks to this powerful mold stain remover.  

You will love this mould stain remover that eliminates mold stains with no brushing, sanding or blasting. Mold stain remover will reduce labour costs and complete jobs more quickly. The unique solution can be applied with any standard sprayer, so mold stain removal projects can be completed without the capital equipment investments and operating expenses associated with dry ice and soda blasting techniques.  Click here to learn more or buy.


When you order hard surface cleaning solutions in concentrated format, you can cut your product cost by over 90% compared to ready to use products.  For example, instead of buying a bottle of glass cleaner for $5 you could mix from concentrate for as little as $0.38. 

How do you measure your concentrated products when mixing with water?  In most instances people simply tip the jug and guess.  And even when people try their best to meausure out the proper dilutions it can be complicated and confusing to get it correct.  This sends your savings associated with buying concentrated products down the drain.

Esporta's Perfect Dilution Station automates the process giving you perfect dilution - each and every time.  This system runs four bottle fill products (fills like a beverage dispenser at a restaurant) and one bucket fill.  Only requires a garden hose water hookup.  No power requirement. 

The complete kit shown below includes a multi purpose cleaner, multi purpose degreaser, smoke and soot cleaner, glass cleaner, and a car wash detergent.  The complete kit also includes the dilution dispenser, 16 refillable spray bottles, and training signage.  Click here to learn more or buy.



Even the heaviest smoke, soot, water, sweat, and grime is easily washed away with TKO Powdered Pre Soak. 

The highest quality laundry pre-soak on the market. 
Our most popular pre-treatment due to its simplicity and ability to lift soot, soils, and stains from everything from sports equipment to stuffed animals and everything in between.

Esporta trainers have come to call TKO a hero product because it makes you look like a hero by restoring items that you would never think could be restored.

Contains enzymes designed to digest stains and soils that even bleach cannot remove. TKO is safe for use on all waterfast colours and fabrics, including permanent press.  Click here to learn more or buy.